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  • Please don’t wait till the last pill is gone before letting us know you need a refill. Our staff has a 48 hour turn around time on all refills. Medications that need prior authorizations will take longer so please give us at least 5 business days to process those requests. 
  • If you have a balance with us or are in collections we ask you to pay the amount before we can refill any of your medications. If you are in collections you will need to pay the collection balance before getting an appointment with our office.
  • If you are in need of refills please call our office and press #4 to leave a message this line is checked 3-4 times a day so be sure we will get your message.

Cancellations/No show appointments: 

Regular attendance of appointments is important for the success of your treatment. Frequently NO SHOW (missed) appointments drive up costs for everyone. Furthermore, each missed appointment is a missed opportunity to care for others who also need treatment cooperation in keeping scheduled appointments, and cancellation in a timely manner, when necessary, is appreciated.
To minimize the number of NO SHOW (missed) appointments, it is necessary for West Bloomfield Internal Medicine to institute the following policy. Effective immediately, the following provisions are in effect:
  • Failure to keep a scheduled Follow-up appointment without giving 24 hours’ notice will result in a $35.00 charge. A second offence will result in a $96.00 charge.
  • Failure to keep a scheduled Physical appointment without giving 24 hours’ notice will result in a $96.00 charge. A second offence will result in a $150.00 charge
  • If you have three or more missed appointments, it will be up to the physician if you can remain a patient in the practiceAppointments can be cancelled or rescheduled for any reason with at least 24-hour notice, but as much advance notice is possible is greatly appreciated.  Less than 24-hour cancellations will be accepted without penalty only after discussion with the physician.
If you speak with a staff member, please be sure to note their name and date you called the office. If you do not speak with a staff member, please be sure to leave a message on our voicemail.



  • The first few months of the year we all know we have an insurance deductible that has to be meet so we are going to be asking you plan on paying your deductible at your office visit. If you have met the deductible then we will asking for your copay before you are seen for your appointment.
  • Any balances that you may have at the time of your visit will also be requested at this time. If you have to large of a balance to pay all at once we do offer payment plans. Make sure you setup some form of payment arrangement so we won’t have to send you to our third party collection company.
  • Every Year you are required by your insurance to get a Well visit or Physical Exam. Dr. Bragman provides a Executive Physical Exam which includes a Pulmonary Function Test, X-ray, EKG and Lab work. Most insurances will cover the visit charge itself in full however many insurance companies don’t always cover the PFT, X-ray or EKG and may apply the amount to your deductible. When you come in for your physical we will hand out a piece of paper that gives the charge amount of each test . It will be up to you if you decide to get these tests. Just understand that if your insurance doesn’t pay for those charges you will be responsible for any remaining cost.

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Annual Physical Charges

Every year Medicare as a deductible you will have to meet. Just because you have an advantage plan that deductible doesn't necessarily disappear. Please read all the information you receive from your insurance company every year for changes to your plan. There is a 90% chance something even as small as a prior authorization for medication may be required.

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