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Immigration Physicals

Authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services as a Civil Surgeon

One of the main functions of a Civil Surgeon is to verify that you are current on your CDC recommended vaccinations. If you have any medical records of previous vaccinations, please bring those with you. Also please bring your completed portion of your I-693 form with you.

West Bloomfield Internal Medicine will keep your immigration physical paperwork until all tests have been completed. After this the paperwork will be released to you in a sealed envelope. Please do not open this envelope as it is required that it be presented to the USCIS while sealed.

Once you have submitted your required paperwork the determination is made by a USCIS officer after reviewing all relevant records, including the report of the medical examination.

Required Vaccinations

Immigration physicals are required for anyone who would like to gain entrance and citizenship into the United States. The following vaccines are needed to complete the USCIS Immigration Medical Examination. The patient must either have proof of the vaccination or they are required to have titers drawn and results showing immunity.

  • Pneumonia (if older than 65)

  • Tetanus

  • MMR

  • Hepatitis B

  • Varicella (if no proof of history)

  • Influenza- only if in season

  • COVID-19 vaccine

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 248-855-7453

  • Form I-693 needs to be filled out before coming in for your examination.

  • Instructions for completing the Form I-693: Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record

  • Vaccines necessary for completion of forms.

West Bloomfield

Internal Medicine

Immigration Physicals


A medical exam is required for all immigrant visas, some non-immigrant visas, for refugees, and adjustment of status applicants. Immigration physicals are similar to routine physicals. The purpose of an immigration physical is to ensure that the patient has no health concerns that would require attention before immigrating.

Patient Reviews

Dr Bragman’s team has been incredible from the beginning till the end – nurses were very kind with our kids and had a great understanding of the medical immigration process admin/paper work they had to prepare . Dr Bragman is a very professional and human doctor that likes to be close from his patient – they have been very comprehensive and flexible – the process went fast, awesome team.

Philippe Brigode

This is where we went for immigration-related medical services. If I could give Dr. Bragman and his staff even more than 5 stars, I would. They really go above and beyond to help you. Dr. Bragman himself is awesome: super-friendly, straight-shooter, thorough, professional, respectful and puts you at ease immediately. The members of his staff are also super-friendly, organized, prompt, and efficient. They knew exactly what paperwork and lab-work needed to be done.

A. Reza

I visited Dr. Bragman office for my medical examination for immigration and I was amazed how fast the whole process of physical, blood draw and vaccines shot took.  Dr. Bragman and I had a chat and I learned a few things that I’m grateful for. Sam made this whole process easy and filling all the forms and handed copies as well which was kind. I highly recommend this office.

Jafar Amin

I love all the services here! Everyone at the office is super friendly and will answer all your questions patiently. Dr. Bragman is friendly, polite and you’ll always have his 100% attention. Everyone at office is prompt and you will never feel rushed. I recommend Dr. Bragman at West Bloomfield Internal Medicine as your primary healthcare provider as well as for your immigration needs!!!!

Bhagyashree Ksheersagar

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